FOS Designer 2048 huren

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FOS Designer 2048 huren.

Deze lichtsturing / licht tafel van het merk Fos Lighting heeft vele opties die je bij de bekende grote lichtmerken verwacht. Meerdere DMX uitgangen en een gebruiksvriendelijke workflow maken deze FOS Designer 2048 een prima sturing om te huren voor uw lichtshow.

Naast deze lichttafel verhuren wij ook diverse lampen van het merk FOS.

Product Introduction

Professional DMX lighting console, suitable for permanent installations in stages, live concerts, festivals, tours!
15-inch LCD touch screen.
4 Universes (2048 channels), via physical XLR connectors, or ArtNET, via the network connection.
RDM Compatible.
Offers 15 playback faders, which can control up to 1200 cues / cue lists.
Faders can be lit with custom colors while are active, inactive, and no used.
15 playbacks can run simultaneously.
lock function for playback fader.
Grand master fader.
Fixture attributes buttons and control wheels.
Group, Fixture, Preset windows.
Screen’s workspace windows can be customized, saved and switched quickly.
Function & Numeric keys, with colored backlight (Green, Red, Orange).
Macro & Fan modes for fixtures.
Legend manager for renaming / drawing groups, presets, fixtures, playbacks, etc.
Console LED light, included

2048 DMX channels, provided in 4x optically isolated XLR outputs, and network interface via ArtNET.
Audio ouptut with 3,5 mm audio jack and optical interface.
Midi interfaces: in, out, thru.
Switching power supply: 100/240 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz.
Wireless antenna, for connecting with application on mobile, or tablet devices.
XLR plug for the included LED console light, with dimmer potensiometer.
USB 2.0 connection, for backing up your shows.
Power Consumption: 85 Watt.
Internal battery.
Touch screen with safetly glass.
Provided with flight case.
Size: 665 x 580 x 205 mm.
Net Weight: 15 Kgs.